Church Road, Dorrington,
Shropshire, SY5 7JL


St. Edward's CE Primary School

Curriculum Vision


We seek to provide a broad and aspirational curriculum for all. Pupils are encouraged to identify links between and within subjects. They are exposed to rich subject specific vocabulary and the deliberate practice of key basic skills in order to strengthen memory and make information more retrievable. Our learning values of self – motivation, confidence, resilience, collaboration, creativity, independence are developed within every lesson. Our curriculum is appropriate to the pupils in our rural setting; exploring and understanding the geography and history of the area they live, whilst also introducing them to urban and coastal settlements within the British Isles and the world beyond and in turn providing them with a clear understanding of their place in a global community and the opportunities and experiences this offers them.



Learning each term is project based, however, we acknowledge that some subjects may not fit into this cross curricula approach and therefore will be taught discretely.

Each project will begin with a hook to engage pupils and an outcome to showcase their learning to a named audience.

Our project display is a class mind-map which shows the journey of our learning, the knowledge and skills we have gained and the answers we have found to our questions.

All writing has a clear purpose and audience.

Our Maths curriculum includes opportunities for fluency, reasoning and problem solving – enabling children to investigate using a variety of strategies and methods.

Pupils study global, national and local issues and events on a weekly basis in order to understand the world around them and have opportunities to discuss, debate and link to British and Christian values.

Every day begins with a short mindfulness /relaxation session in order to focus on good mental health for all.

Every pupil is encouraged to participate in regular sport and fitness activities, daily, weekly and termly.

As a church school RE is taught primarily through Understanding Christianity, however there is also opportunity to learn about other religions.

We offer a broad range extra curricula activities that go beyond the school day: sports, music, science, first aid, creative arts, drama.

We offer a range of enrichment activities that go beyond the classroom school council, play leaders, trips, residential trips, visitors, competitions, forest school, gardening, looking after the school chickens and school dog.



Reading, Writing and Maths Data

Foundation Subject Data

Pupil interviews and Book Scrutiny

Parent Survey

Use of Key Vocabulary

Pupil Survey


Discussions – Staff, Pupils & Parents

Peer Assessment

Lesson Observation

Learning Walks