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Kingfisher Class Weekly Home Learning Project Page.

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This page will be updated weekly with ideas and tasks that you could complete with your child.

 This week's project is related to our local area

We would like to remind you to read every day and have a discussion about the text you have read.

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Choose one of the main events of Stig of the Dump and write a diary entry about it from Barney's point of view. Remember to write it in the first person ’I’, but in the past tense as it is a diary entry.

Try to include how you felt when the events happened as well as describing in detail what you did.


Y3 Learn to spell – knowledge, learn, length, library, material, different


Y2 Learn to spell -  badly, playful, hopeful, careless, happily, colourful



Show different ways of making the following fractions

1.Half ½

2.Third 1/3

3.Quarter ¼

4.Three quarters ¾

5.Fifths 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5, 5/5

6.Sixths 1/6, 2/6 etc

7.Sevenths 1/7, 2/7, etc

8.Eighths 1/8, 2/8 etc

9.Ninths 1/9, 2/9 etc

10.Tenths 1/10, 2/10 etc

If this was easy try making equivalent fractions of the above.


Y2 Explore your house – what repeating patterns can you find? How can you record them?

Create some repeating patterns of your own – start with shapes – 2D and 3D. Now have a look around you… what else can you use to make repeating patterns with?


To explore how magnetic forces work.

See if you can find a variety of magnets of different sizes, shapes and strengths. Take some time to investigate what happens when they are put next to each other. Record what you did and what you found out.


Draw or paint a picture of your house and its surroundings. You can use anything you like to colour your picture with – paints, pens, pastels etc.


Write an acrostic song using the word DORRINGTON. You could set it to a tune you already know. If you play or have any instruments at home you make up an accompaniment to go with it.


Log into Charanga and have a go at some of the activities there.


Tell someone about our survey of Dorrington, recording different ways the land is used eg houses, leisure, flats, community, retail etc. To help you, you could use an OS map, Google maps or your memory!

You could also record it on a map, make a chart, a tally chart or a graph.


 Research some information about the Condover mammoth and record what you have found out.


Create 10 e-safety rules for when you are using a device.


E.g. If I see an image I don’t like I will…..


A search engine I will use is…..


Try to keep as active a possible!

Can you do these activities at least 5 times a day.

1 minute of star jumps.

1 minute of sit ups.

1 minute of running

1 minute of hopping.

1 minute of bunny hops.

 If you have access to the internet, try doing one of Joe Wicks’ Activ8 workouts on  YouTube


For Christians, Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, were times of joy, sadness or despair, and hope. Think of times when you have felt these emotions and write or draw about them.


Think about…

Ways to reduce waste in school (think about waste caused by paper, food, packaging etc.)

Ways to save water

Ways to save energy

Ways to look after the plants and animals that live in the school environment

Any other ways of looking after the environment?

Make a list of things we can do in school.

Choose one idea and make a poster to promote your ideas.

French (Y3)

Practise saying the months of the year, and when your birthday is.  

Can you ask someone in your house when their birthday is? What should their reply be?