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St. Edward's CE Primary School

Dragonflies Class Weekly Home Learning Project Page.

Click here to view the class gallery, where possible work that has been emailed to us may be posted on this page.

This page will be updated weekly with ideas and tasks that you could complete with your child.

We would like to remind you to read every day and have a discussion about the text you have read.


Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Joe Williams

Write a letter to Pigeon explaining why it is not safe for him to drive the bus.


Can you be a human weighing scale?

Order objects from heaviest to lightest.


Describe the physical properties of a variety of everyday objects.

For example stretchy, rigid, bendy, stiff, smooth, rough, soft, hard, shiny, dull.




Can you make a sailing boat out of natural materials - leaves, sticks.

Test it - does it float?


Can you create a musical instrument using natural objects found in the garden?


Map making - which way do you come to school?


Talk to your grandparents on the phone / FaceTime about transport in the past.


Program a person (a volunteer is needed) - Forwards, backwards, left, right, start, end.

Where will they end up?



Try to do a different balance every day.

Keep active -


What is so special about hot cross buns?

Why do we eat them at Easter?


Why is it so important to keep ourselves clean?

Can you make a poster to explain this to people who don't really understand?

Useful Links and Websites for Home Learning

Phonics Play

PhonicsPlay is free to use during this period. Children can use the site at home without their parents needing to subscribe.

David Walliams – Elevenses

The World of David Walliams is releasing an audio story from the World's Worst Children every day for the next 30 days. Keep the children busy with these daily audio treats, perfect for tea and biscuit breaks.

Joe Wicks Daily Workout

PE with Joe Wicks every day, Monday to Friday at 9am. Live on YouTube 'The Body Coach TV'. 30 minutes workout class for children of all ages... teenagers and adults can get involved too. Have fun and inspire each other.