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Osprey Class Weekly Home Learning Project Page

Click here to view the class gallery, where possible work that has been emailed to us may be posted on this page.

This page will be updated weekly with ideas and tasks that you could complete with your child.


We would like to remind you to read every day and have a discussion about the text you have read.

Shrewsbury Town In The Community have launched their website with a range of activities for you to have a go at. Simply sign up for free and have a go. Click here

For the chance to listen to some of David Walliams' books on audio, follow this link and look for the "Elevenses" link on his website. Click here.

Any work that you complete can be sent to the class email address for Mr Pearce to look at and some of it may even appear in our class gallery above.

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Read through the text on the Galapagos islands. At the bottom of the text you will find some activities that you could have a go at.



Roll a dice 6 times (or make digit cards with a piece of paper) to make 2 three digit numbers. Add and subtract those numbers.

Create your own fractions and practise adding and subtracting them.

Remember: Make the denominators the same.


Look at the plants and trees in your garden or out on a walk. Describe how those plants have adapted to suit their environments. Think about the roots, stem/trunk, leaves and petals. 

How do they help the plant survive and reproduce?


Collect some petals and leaves or fallen trees/ plants. Sketch, paint or make them with whatever resources you have.


Research or find out which composers were really popular during Charles Darwin's time. Listen to a piece of music and describe what you think the piece is about.


Using your map of the UK and the World, identify cities around the world, describing the similarities and differences between those in the UK and those in other parts of the world. You may want to think about: population, natural resources, location, settlement types.


What has happened to the world since the super continent of Pangaea first formed. Describe how people and animals might have moved around the world as the modern continents formed.

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Create an internet safety poster. What should you include? Which apps and programs should children be able to use?


If you have excel, download the resources here and practise entering the formula we have learnt about.




Practise your Dodgeball skills. Get a ball or anything round that can be thrown. Put a target on the ground 5 big steps away. Thrown the ball 10 times and count how many successful throws you make.


What does salvation mean?

Can you create a comic book strip that retells the story of Holy week?


Caring for each other is important. Write a persuasive argument for why we should be caring for other people at this difficult time. 


How might you help others?

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Time: Throughout the day, practise telling the time with someone.